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Thanks IRFAK

My name is Dingana from Etyopia and I would like to thank Irfak for me to survive, making it possible for me to send this letter. While I’m writhing, my thoughts go back to the day western people showed up to build a Dam. They made it so, that our river just became a small water stream. Since then we were living near this stream; our village was located in the old riverbed. It started raining in the beginning of this year, the rain stopped when it was too late for many of us. My sister and I survived this heavenly rain that stopped about a month after the frightening eerie moments we had to live trough.

During the night the mud stream came and hit our village. My sister and I were a sleep on a wooden shelf. I heart a lot of noise of cracking wood and timber that our houses were made of. People yelling en screaming. I first thought it was a nightmare. When I opened my eyes I saw our house collapsing. Instantaneously I held on to my sister and the shelf we were sleeping on. Than there was this blank.

The next thing I know was that we were floating on the mud stream. There was not alone mud beneath us bus it also kept on raining. I held my sister’s hand while she was crying and screaming for our parents. Slowly I could ease her down and tried to concentrate on what just happened. I was attempting to adjust my Eyes to the darkness to find out what was bumping into our shelf. My sister had fallen a sleep in my arms while I was waiting for the sun to rice so I could see.

As far as I could see there was no land, only water and a hideous sight of dead human body’s and animals. I felt my sister breathing. I shake her a little so she would open her Eyes. I tried to explain the situation we’ve got into. She just looked up to me with her big brown Eyes, not saying a word. I had to do something and reached out for trees that came with the mud. They were slippery and I could not hold them.

Tiered as we were, we fall a sleep holding on to the shelf. The next thing I am seeing is my sister slide away her hand from her month. She drank the contaminated water. I was thirsty as well and tried to ignore it. Though I tried to reach the shore we remained on drifting.

The water was still rising because the rain was still coming down from heaven. I took my soaking wet shirt off and wringed it out so we could drink the clean water drops. My sister started crying again because her stomach was egging. I told her it’s probably because she was hungry and so was I. I kept looking out for help or if I could see the shore. But there was nobody around besides the dead ones and de mud. I sang my sister to sleep so she would not feel the hunger any more. While she was sleeping I tried to think about a solution to get out of this situation. I started peddling with my hands, but that did not make a difference. My sister set up again and looked me in the eyes and told me, an accident happened to her. She was having diarrhea. I told her not to worry, we would be saved soon. We drifted for another 5 days, while I was also having a diarrhea and we both were dehydrated, tired and hat fever. We slept most of the time. We run into something. Half awake a started to grope around me and felt a hand reaching out to us in the middle of the night. I heard a voice screaming that he found two children still breading. I felt two arms lifting me up.

The next morning when I opened my eyes the sun was shining on me. I looked around and saw my sister lying in a bed next to me. We were in a field hospital. The arms that lifted me up that night, got a face, a person named Jack, he tolled me that he found us. We should not worry because we were in good hands. The field hospital was provided by Irfak a company from The Netherlands. Jack told me that the food which saved our lives was made out of human body fat. I smiled by those words because I realised that western people had eaten so much that my sister and me survived on this redundant fat production of the western world.

Now looking back to those months I want tot thank Irfak for feeding us because of this luxury fat my sister and me became very strong again. Strong enough to go and seek our parents.

Thanks, Dingana and Chuki


ontwerp & realisatie: Studio Denk